The Hands Behind K de Kilo

Born and raised in México, Kameron explores the craftsmanship of objects through materials such as; metals, cement, resin, silicone, ceramics, fabrics, and glass. 

Her hands have always been drawn to craft objects, whether they hold meaning or not. She is a firm believer in creating just for the sake of creating. 




                                                                                                Solidity.  Fragility. 

Ephemeral art.

The Craft

She first encountered glass in a small workshop in Barcelona, filled with the kindest and most talented glass blowers and glass smiths. There she learned the ethereal craft and developed her glass-blowing techniques. Of course, not without a few cuts and burnt fingers along the way.

K de Kilo

The story behind the brand’s name originates from a childhood memory. As she recalls, every time she was at a restaurant with a play area, her mom always reminded her to tell the lady in charge to write her name in the name tag with a “K de Kilo” not with a C, and for whatever reason, it stuck with her. 


In case of any inquiries or project proposals, contact us at or send us a DM via our Instagram account @k_de.kilo

K de Kilo,

From her hands to yours